Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Delivery Fee does not include Parking Fee, Cross-Harbour Tunnels fee or Flyover fee. This will be reimbursed upon receipts.
  2. If there is no carparks available and parking along the road is needed, any fine tickets will be paid by the clients.
  3. In terms of bad weather or “Extreme Condition” announcement has been made, such as red or black rainstorm warning signal or Tropical Cyclone Signal No. 8 or above is hoisted, Japan Style Moving Company Limited reserves the right to adjourn or postpone the moving to protect our employees’ safety. Moving will be rescheduled. No refund will be made under such circumstances.
  4. Additional charges to be applied on the day of moving under below circumstances:
    a) Different from information provided: Not accessible by lifts, Over 50m away from parking spot, or moving route involves staircases or changing lifts;
    b) Missing Information: Different or more items than quoted;
    c)  Emergencies: Lifts broke down on Moving Day seen as No Lift;
    d) In case moving items exceeded the capacity of 1 truck, extra transportation service such as Gogovan or Lalamove will be used and reimbursed upon receipts.
  5. Maximum compensation amount is 10% of confirmed final quotation if any damages resulted in moving including floorings of move out/in places.

  6. Clients should inform us of any flooring protectors needed in advance, any damages to walls and floorings of move out/ in places will not be indemnified.

  7. Japan Style Moving Company Limited has not purchased any insurance on moving and storage services, clients should purchase as they see fit.

  8. Inform us 10 days in advance in any case of moving dates rearrangement, fail to do so will result in forfeiting deposit.
  9. Clients (apart from those picked FULL packing services) should finish packing all sorts of miscellaneous items prior to moving, if our assistance is needed on the moving date, Japan Style Moving Company Limited reserves the right to charge additionally.
  10. Clients should keep count of their moving items before and after moving, raise questions immediately if any problems. Japan Style Moving Company Limited is not responsible after our employees left the move in unit.
  11. Japan Style Moving Company Limited is not responsible if any delay on moving.
  12. Japan Style Moving Company Limited follows our own moving schedule, appointed time are not promises, and does not constitute to any agreements.
  13. Japan Style Moving Company Limited is not responsible if storage items are damaged or destroyed by natural disaster or human attempt uncontrollable factors (flooding, fire, typhoon etc).
  14. Maximum compensation amount for each items missing during storage is HK$200.
  15. Clients are not allowed to store food, beverages, liquid, flammable and illegal items.