Moving Tips

Best to arrange moving dates 1 – 1.5 months in advance, choose a moving company with good reputation to minimize any arbitrary charges and more time for packing.


List out moving and unwanted furnishings and electronics appliances, try to declutter those not often-used items for reducing costs.


Inquire in advance should there be any staircases, steep slopes, changing lifts or far away from legitimate parking spots for additional costs at quotation.


Fragile items such as plates and wine glasses etc, must be packed with bubble wraps or other protective materials before packing into boxes, to minimize chances of damaging. 


Clients should clearly label each boxes as they pack, such as clothings, shoes, kitchenwares, or books. Any necessities should be labelled on the box for easy unpacking.


Consume most and purchase less frozen or perishable food before moving date, food might be spoiled as no cooling in the truck.


Update banks, insurance companies, government departments(Transport Department etc), utilities and telecommunications companies of new household address.


Move out valuables in advance to avoid any misunderstanding, such as cash, jewelleries, watches and documents etc.


Arrange kids and pets leave the household earlier to avoid accidents.